• Cristie’s Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide (for Winos)

    #1 Repour Wine Savers (~$8-20) The Scoop: Repour wine savers actually, ACTUALLY, preserve your wine for months. I have personally tested these and I vouch for their effectiveness. They are far superior to any other wine preservation system that I …

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  • There’s a Beaujolais for that

    By Ellen Clifford For such a friendly, early-budding, easy-going grape, Gamay has had a rough go of it.   In 1395 Duke Philip the Bold (bold enough to be a jerk to Gamay anyway) kicked it out of the more …

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  • Life Cycle of a Vine

    by Maddison Pantlin Illustrations by Alex Anderson The key to starting anything is establishing a good foundation.   Skyscrapers downtown, children with manners, multiplication tables. The same applies to our favorite fermented fruit. You can’t make good wine from bad …

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  • The Real History of Tom Collins (A 3-Minute Read)

    By Kenny Daniels   It takes a special breed to order a Tom Collins. It’s an old drink. It doesn’t have the panache of most modern cocktails. To many, a Tom Collins is an ancient cocktail, something that many have …

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  • Franciacorta…..Italy’s sparkling triumph.

    By Stu Nudelman aka Stu The Wine Guru   So, imagine you are on on the hills located between the southern shore of Lake Iseo and the city of Brescia (Lombardy). Okay, if you’ve never been there before, it looks …

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  • Sulfites on the Brain

    By Maddison Pantlin Imagine… you’re waking up from an entertaining night out. As the familiar mental fog clears, you suddenly remember all of the dancing, laughs, and scandalous behavior… and unfinished tacos in your fridge, score. Evidently, and not for …

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  • National Wine Day Photo Contest 2018

    I had to celebrate National Wine Day with everyone. In what was really a spur of the moment decision the night before, I posted some quick directions to my photo contest: Take a photo with a sign that says “Happy …

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